Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ode to Marcel Duchamp

As I spent my day rinsing, de-labeling, and drying wine bottles, I couldn't help but think about Marcel Duchamp's readymade work Bottle Rack (1914). Duchamp's method of creating works of art relied on his simply selecting an object and naming it "art". Since this work was actually a real bottle rack meant for drying wine bottles, it ended up being mistaken for garbage and disposed of. Regardless, through works such as Bottle Rack (1914) and Fountain (1917) Duchamp cast a new light on what can be called "art".

While I flushed the insides of the bottles and placed them carefully on the bottle rack, I felt as though I was creating a strange Duchamp-ian work of art. This is my ode to Duchamp!